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The Nature of Foaling is my way of giving something back to the horse community, to use what Iíve learned to help others with their foaling mares. Video is the perfect medium to illustrate a process that is difficult to describe with words alone.

Laurie Thomsen

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If you have a mare in foal, are considering breeding a mare, or are simply interested in broodmare reproduction, this is an important video for you. It will prepare you to know what to expect and to protect your mare and foal throughout the process of reproduction.

Mare Nuzzling FoalProfessionally produced and narrated, using live action, illustrations and overlays, The Nature of Foaling provides insight into the dynamic process of reproduction - from conception to post-partum care.

Topics addressed include broodmare management, the development of the fetus and pregnancy, the keys to predicting foaling, the three stages of the foaling process, recognizing normal and abnormal delivery, and care of the mare and newborn foal

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